Rates & Details

Headshots NYC Session Rate: $600.00

This fee includes your sitting, which will be in my studio, outdoors (weather permitting), or a combination of the two. The sitting will last between two and three hours, and you can change your clothes as much as you like. All shots are digital and color. We will take as many shots as we take, but an average session is around 100 frames.

Within two business days of your sitting, I will post your entire sitting on a website, which allows you to do anything you like with any of the shots. I place no restrictions on the use of the shots other than that they be used only to promote your career as a performing artist. After you’ve had a chance to view them, I will custom edit one shot of your choice for printing, which you will receive on a CD.

Hair and Makeup

For women, I have a very talented and experienced hair and makeup artist who will meet you at my studio before your sitting. She charges $150 cash, and you will need to schedule with her when you make your sitting appointment. For men, I will do your makeup at the sitting. It is my feeling that men need very little makeup for a good headshot.


Payment is cash or credit card. I require a $100 deposit due when you make your appointment. The deposit is refundable until 48 hours before your appointment. If you need to reschedule after that, I will apply the deposit to a new appointment scheduled within 20 days. Hat Head Studios accepts the following credit cards.